BioCity | Our story
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Welcome to BioCity Technopark, Finnish Technopark of Biotechnologies. Technopark is owned by a number of Finnish stakeholders, cooperate to main Finnish centres of biotechnology excellence. The technopark is located in Russian Innovation Village Skolkovo.

BioCity is the modern Technopark of Biotechnologies located in Skolkovo, Moscow. The technopark is based on expertise of Finland in the field of technology development and biotech.

BioCity is highly demanded in Russian BioLifeScience market as the venue for biotech technology development and as the gate for European and global markets.

The technopark is forming unique environment for biotechnology companies in Russia, rising BioCity above national technopark network. BioCity is well integrated to global network of business and research infrastructure.

Already today BioCity has attracted Big Pharma, R&D companies and other players of biotech industry to be based on its ground and have development of their business in BioCity Technopark.


We see BioCity Technopark as the leading environment for development of biotechnology innovations in Russia and Eurasia.

Already today BioCity Technopark is among the biggest Finnish-Russian joint projects, providing opportunities on business development for biotechnology companies that has not been existing before.


MISSION – to provide best investment and business development opportunities in technology oriented ecosystems and biotechnology industry.

Already today BioCity created an effective and sustainable ecosystem of biotechnology development in Russia based on the know-how and experience of Finnish partners.

Working together

By uniting strategic partners for biotechnology development BioCity creates wide and sustainable business opportunities for our residents.

Global innovativeness

We are Globally Oriented ecosystem making the foot print on international biotechnology business. BioCity is international technology transfer hub and ground for new product and innovations development.


Future oriented thinking model is the true sustainability that opens the business opportunities, makes quality of people’s life higher and the economy growing.
We aim the sustainability for investments and business of our residens for next 25 years.

The Concept of BioCity Technopark is based on the know-how and 25 years of experience in the development of LifeScience technology parks in Finland.

BioCity is the ground for all types of biotechnology business: research organisations, Universities, StartUps, Service providers, small and big biotechnology companies.  BioCity Technopark is the venue for BioLifeScience cluster of Skolkovo Innovation Village.

Solution – ecosystem with all elements
BioCity Technopark provides biotech business with ecosystem including all elements and stages necessary in technology development.

  • Research and education centre
  • Youth Research Centre
  • Bio Incubator and co-working
  • Technology transfer centre
  • Bio Accelerator & Corporate Accelerator
  • Centre of collective usage
  • Laboratory Centre
  • Special & Production Premises
  • Certification Centre
  • Vivarium
  • Bio Bank
  • Centre of Clinical Studies
  • Engeneering Centre
  • Show rooms and convention

Scientific and technological risks are reduced due to the high level of cooperation  between the key partners – the participants of the process of innovation development.

The integration of BioCity to European network of biotechnology development centres providing ability to develop biotechnology from scientific idea to the product on international markets.

BioCity is  the centre of competence of the global level, competing the world best biotech centres.


  • Centre for Education & Laboratory centre


  • Bio Incubator, Co-working spaces and offices


  • Bio Accelerator


  • centres by commercial and industrial partners
  • Industrial and special rooms


  • Moscow Medical Cluster


  • High quality investment possibility


  • Meeting rooms for exhibitions and conference

BioCity Technopark team include the founders of Science Parks in Finland, top managers, financial and LifeScience technology experts. Our network covers biotechnology development centres of Finland and Europe.



Functional Food

Industrial Bio

BioCity Technopark technology spectrum comes from our partnership network that covers major centres of BioLifeScience excellence in Finland and in Russia.